Capras Community Care is a community-based program that, in partnership with local & major businesses and other like-minded organisations, provides support, education, wellbeing & genuine care for our local communities, with particular focus on our CHILDREN, who are our FUTURE.

The Capras Community Care Program consists of 5 programs, individually tailored to providing solutions to the specific needs

Regional Academies Program

The CQ Capras Regional Academy Program offers our regionally based players and coaches the opportunity to upskill and pursue their dreams without leaving the security of their family network at such a young age.

Players (boys and girls) aged between 13 and 17 from throughout our regions, including Central West, Central Highlands, Rockhampton, Gladstone & Bundaberg, are invited to be a part of our Regional Academy Program. The latest Broncos training programs are implemented through our professional Capras & Broncos coaching staff.

This Pathway system allows our young players to remain in their own environment while receiving the same up to date coaching & development information as Brisbane based players. Managed by former NRL & Origin player Casey Maguire & other quality coaches our the best coaching is provided.


Indigenous Health & Wellbeing Program

The CQ Capras offer an Exclusive Health & Wellbeing Program which individually supports our indigenous kids during their senior school years, and into post-schooling life.

Alarming mortality rates for our indigenous Australians is highlighted through shorter life expectancy, higher rates of infant mortality, poorer health & wellbeing, and lower levels of education and employment.

Through a targeted Health & Wellbeing Program indigenous year. (11 & 12) students are offered the opportunity to work collectively & individually to formulate a Life Long Wellbeing Plan that suits their individual needs.


Key program pillars include; Finances, Physical, Relationships, Psychological, Community, Careers & Culture.

The program is presented by the CQ Capras and proudly supported by indigenous role models. Organisations such as the SMW Group offer apprentices & traineeships to program graduates (Yr 10,11 & 12).

All Abilities Program

The CQ Capras offer All Abilities social fun activities tailored to the prospective client’s individual abilities. We embrace the unique skills, capabilities and potential of every young person involved to encourage participation and interaction. In partnership with Big Dog Disability Services, our All Abilities program offers young Central Queenslanders the opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people in a safe, inclusive environment, with the focus on physical activity and, most importantly, fun!

  • Football field fun days with the CQ Capras playing and coaching staff (both men and women)

  • The All Abilities Program on-field coaching, basic ball skills and a fun no contact game. All participants from across all NDIS Program providers are invited and will receive a FREE CQ Capras pack including T-Shirt, football, water bottle, cap, bag, stickers etc.

  • Big Dog Game Day experience – includes special invitations for all NDIS clients to watch the CQ Capras play at Browne Park in a reserved grandstand seating.

  • Capras player visitations to Special Education Schools & Classes, and Disability Providers, (Gladstone, Rockhampton & surrounding areas) share a strong message in regards to Health, Wellbeing and the importance of nutrition and fitness.

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Schools Capras Care Program

Our Schools Capras Care Program spans all secondary school age groups. It assists with educating and guiding our children in the smart (and nice) way to live, and treat others.

By identifying the pending dangers that we know will influence a negative outcome we are able to educate our kids, helping to eradicate these threats from their young lives, and in turn ensuring smart choices.

Our Capras School based Community Care Programs intent is to support our kids in identifying and responding positively to imposing social threats that have the potential to prevent them from living a wonderful, happy, long & healthy life.

Making Smart Choices based on EDUCATION and ACCEPTING SUPPORT are the foundations for positive change. Positive mental health is important to individual wellbeing.

Drugs, Smoking, Alcohol, Obesity/Diet, Domestic Violence, Bullying, Gambling, Social Media Habits, Personal Hygiene and All Abilities activities are example focus areas of the program.

Our children are our future, and at the Capras we are FULLY COMMITTED to seeing our kids GROW and FLOURISH with support and education from positive role models.

Community Support Program

The CQ Capras are much more than a Football Club. We strongly believe in supporting our communities and donating as much time and effort as possible to helping others - particularly those less fortunate, or in need of support. Aged Care, Mental Health, Domestic Violence, Children’s Health and Youth Services are just some of the needs we continually support.

  • FACT: More than 25 of our players have chosen to be support workers as their occupation, working throughout our community at NDIS businesses.

  • FACT: NO other sporting club, or not for profit organisations support our communities to the level the CQ Capras.

  • FACT: The CQ Capras are the highest profile sporting club throughout the Central Qld region and are proud to support our communities.