Game Results for Saturday 21 March 2015

A great day of football at Browne Park last Saturday saw Junior Games followed by our JMK Under 16 Capras, Schwarz Under 18 Capras and our Rockhampton Leagues Club Capras.

Both our Under 16 and Under 18 teams recorded wins against the CQ Crows and the Intrust Super Cup team going down in a tight one 28-26 against Ipswich.


IPSWICH JETS 28 (Chris Walker, Nemani Valekapa, Carlin Anderson, Dane Phillips, Matt Parcell tries; Marmin Barba 3, Wes Conlon goals) def CQ CAPRAS 26 (Jonas Pearson 2, Russell Webber, Fabian Soutar, Garrett Field tries; Matt Minto 2, Ian Webster goals) at Browne Park.


CQ CAPRAS 58 (Trai Fuller 3, Cody-John Clark 2, Kurt Wiltshire, Jake Ainsworth, Harry Grant, Jack Glossop, Jace O’Neill tries; Jack White 9 goals) def CENTRAL CROWS 0 at Browne Park.


CQ CAPRAS 28 (Corey Armstrong 3, Zaine Hammond, Kobe Hetherington, Jack Pattie tries; Sam Murphy 2 goals) def CENTRAL CROWS 22 (Teykoa Nagas 2, Layton Chambers, Jack Gauld tries; Layton Chambers 3 goals) at Browne Park.



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